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Feb 25, 2022
In Home in Oz
Our Kristy, my niece I have spent some time reading everyone's posts and thoughts of our dearest Kristy and I've wept with both love and grief. I am so grateful that she was so entirely loved, treasured and appreciated by her family abroad. I am struggling to write the words, any words fitting or that make sense at this time. As a family we are grieved and being so far away it still feels almost surreal that we, that I, will never hold her or speak with her again. I will try to find words to convey my thoughts, love and loss. Being her Aunty and only 8 years older I have been fortunate to have known and loved Kristy for her whole life. I will be forever grateful for that privilege and for the lifetime of memories that I have to carry me through. Kristy was always so present. In conversation she truly heard, she truly felt and held space for you and anytime you spent with her she made you feel seen. Kristy loved us all and did it with ease and with pure intentions, openness and authenticity and gave us the opportunity to do the same. I know Kristy was living the life she chose. I know Kristy loved her Scottish family and her life there. This brings comfort beyond words to our fragile and broken hearts here in Australia. Her life, her love, her honesty, her acceptance and her genuineness have and will continue to touch and change the lives of those who knew her. As much as we grieve and as raw as we feel this pain of a loss so very great I know our beautiful Kristel will always be with us, her presence will be felt and her love will reside and continue to shine through us. I will always love you my beautiful niece and friend. Your smile lit up my life. I will remember you with the joy you would want me to. In love, your Aunty Meegan.
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