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John Russell
Mar 06, 2022
In Life of the Community
Hello, everyone - in all the lands where Kristy is known and loved, and especially the Moray community and her family and friends in Australia. I am John Russell-Milnes, father of Maeve Gavin who died of cancer in 2018. It was through Maeve that I had the privilege and enjoyment of meeting Kristy. Maeve and Kristy had already struck up a bond of friendship and common values, and very creative co-working. I was just beginning to learn what my daughter Maeve was doing and creating and the Isle of Arran Grief Tending in 2011 was the first major event of hers I attended. Although I had my own grieving and life's ups and downs to deal with, I initially approached this event as a curious observer of what Maeve had been getting up to. As the event and the ritual gathered pace and the intensity increased, I realised I was not at all the dispassionate observer but a full emotional participant and was so fortunate in finding myself efffectively paired with this lovely, strong and open-hearted young woman Kristy - and being with her and able to talk freely and deeply with her over the weekend enhanced the experince and formed the basis of my admiration of her and trust in her. After that I met her several times in Moray as Maeve lived first at Marcassie Farm and then in Laich of Moy by Forres in Moray. Kristy was always a welcome visitor to Maeve's house in Moray and then when she moved west to Strathfarrar and then Glenurqhart. By then Maeve's son Sorley was born and Kristy was a most popular visitor with him as she just had a way and an energy for children, (as was emphasised at her memorial ceremony). Just after Maeve's funeral/life celebration in 2018 I was alone in my campervan on a nearby campsite and Kristy contacted me and came to the campsite and in her no-nonsense way got me into her car and she took me up Glen Affric which was Maeve's favourite place and I will never forget this act of kindness and perceptiveness and support for me in the midst of all of our grief, hers included. I had made a promise to Maeve that I would move to Scotland to be near Sorley, and I found a cottage by the sea at Avoch on the Black Isle. And true to form, Kristy was among the people who helped me clear and move out of Maeve's house and into my new home, a process which was stressful and very emotional - made easier to bear with Kristy's strong support. She presented me with a house-plant and a jar of aromatic herbs she made up herself - as moving-in presents. I still have them both. I have described these interactions with and experiences of Kristy as yet further illustration of how she touched people's lives, and you can see how I am one amongst the many who grieve for her and am so sorry for the loss of yet another beautiful young life. My deep thoughts and sympathy to everyone affected by this tragic early death and especially to Kristy's family and friends in Australia. John
We met in a joyful grief-tending course and ritual event content media
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John Russell

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