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Mar 03, 2022
In Sisterhood
I met Kristy only a few times yet was so touched by her, a deer like quality, so tender and yet strong like the wind. And a spaciousness, a stillness. I remember an evening together when she invited me to her caravan to share a meal, two Australian women together, sharing deep stories of cancer and our journeys around death and life, living here in the UK. And years later, when Maeve died and I was down here in Devon, in shock and grief, desperate to connect, she rang me, with such care, gently listening, being with me and sharing her own pain. And now she too has died. Again, such a shock, such a loss to her beloved community, to our planet. And yet, each time I tune in to her, I sense her deep wisdom and acceptance and a sort of knowing smile, Kristy is still touching hearts. Thank you beautiful soul, may you dance with the stars.
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