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For My Precious Kristy

The Day You Were Born

It Was Love I am Sure

My Heart Skipped a Beat

When You and I Meet

Cradling You in My Arms So Tight

You Were Such a Beautiful Sight

Your Breath So Alive

I Just Knew You Would Thrive

Your Journey Begins

And the Angels They Sing

The First Steps Are Small

Until You Open the Door

 Your Heart Catches a View

That You Know To Be True

My Love You Were Not Born To Hide

 In the Shadow of Yourself

But To Glow In All Its Potential

And My Daughter You Have Shown Us All

How to Be Courageous

To Laugh, To Cry, To Shine, To Love

To Live a Life True to Oneself

My Loving, Amazing, Unique, Beautiful

Daughter Kristy

Forever in My Heart

Xxx Your Mumma xxx

Sharon Lee Adams

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Kristy shone brightly and enriched my life more than I can say. Being married to her for nine of the ten years that we were a couple was an absolute privilege. We grew together and had incredible adventures on so many levels. It was a joy to see how many lives she touched and the myriad ways she showed up in the world. She was a friend to so many. When our relationship changed and we separated she remained one of my closest friends and my soul sister. Our love just got deeper. There are no words to describe the love I have for this beautiful human being, or how much I’ll miss her.

Kristy, graceful, regal Kristy
Wild woman, wise, kind and humble
Soil in your nails
Creatrix, beautifier, dancer, truth teller
Otter, swan, adventurer
Lover of people, lover of nature
You loved well. You loved us all so well.

Shine on,

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